Capcom Tosses Asura’s Wrath DLC Deets Our Way

So you’ve purchased a copy of Asura’s Wrath today, as you’re won’t to do, and you come home to be slapped in the face with reviews applauding everything except for the fact the game’s a measly six hours.  Stay you’re trade-in hand and set your eyes to three pieces of DLC that look to pad out your run time.

The first two downloadable packs bridge events between certain episodes on disc but will be told in adherence to a strict anime style that fits the game’s already anime-infused nature pretty damn well.  The third expansion pits Street Fighter IV's flavor of gameplay under the wrathful fist of Asura.  While the press release name drops Ryu specifically as making a cameo, Capcom also alludes to more of “the world's greatest warriors” possibly getting their asses handed to them.

For those that can’t pass up the closest thing to an interactive anime you can get, drop a line and tell the Herb what you think of Asura’s Wrath.

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