Classic Crossover Smackdowns Return in Marvel vs. Capcom Origins

Coming to PSN and Xbox Live this September, two arcade Versus classics are being smashed into one downloadable package.  Both the seminal Marvel Super Heroes in its gem-happy entirety and its eventual successor Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes will be combined to form the Origins set.

Origins is returning with more than just arcade perfect versions of these aged fighters, though.  Modern day fighting infects the titles with an HD uplift, GCPO supported online play, savable replays, online spectating, and new Third Strike HD-like challenges to accomplish mid-bout.  No specific date in September was given, but Marvel vs Capcom Origins can be yours at $14.99 (which is a steal considering what both games are going for on eBay nowadays).

If you can’t wait until then, dust off your fightstick and head to 2012’s EVO where Capcom is debuting the remastered fighter.  Not a fan of MvC3's shift in style?  Looks like you're going to have a fantastic outlet for that frustration soon enough.

[Watch the official trailer hereabouts.]

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