Ada Wong Has Herself a Solo Scenario in Resident Evil 6

Taking a gander at that pretty substantial leak of information some impatient hackers siphoned out of the RE6 demo, evidence pointed to the enigmatic Ada Wong receiving her own campaign alongside Chris, Jake, and Leon.  Today, Capcom went ahead and confirmed Ada’s scenario, stating you won’t be able to see RE6's events from her perspective until you beat the three other campaigns first (amounting to thirty hours of Evil).

Ada, true to character, is not partnered up with anyone in her scenario, battling the undead solo with a crossbow that fires traditional arrows or sends a love letter from hell once explosive arrows are equipped.  Like in the main campaigns, cross play is factored in, allowing co-op teams plowing through their scenarios to spill into your story and lend a helping hand.  Likewise, you may find a player-controlled Ada jump into your scenario and thin some enemy numbers (check out Ada and Leon in the video, together at last doing what they do best).

A brand new mode, Agent Hunt, was also announced.  Basically, players are able to invade someone else’s standard story campaign except donning the role of one of the many, many Javo attacking our heroes.  Coordinating your assault with your fellow horde via chat, you’re able to fuck up someone’s day pretty severely (of course, players tackling the story can turn off Agent Hunt if they don’t want to have their aforementioned days fucked up).

[UPDATED: Like Ada’s scenario, Agent Hunt is only available after you beat the three main campaigns.  Once toggled active, you’ll be notified during specific segments of action that player-controlled, mutating Javos are on the hunt for you, but get this: the game refuses to tell you which are human and which are AI.  Horror games need to keep you on your toes, after all.]

Check out Ada’s Campaign footage hereabouts.

And then check out Agent Hunt footage right here.

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