Brothers in Devil Arms: New DmC Images and Footage Hack Their Way Out of Gamescom

While the rebooted Devil May Cry universe is barely recognizable when stacked up against the original titles that hasn’t stopped Ninja Theory from utilizing familiar aspects of Dante’s mythos.  Ebony & Ivory are there, yup, and Rebellion, too.  Dante’s still the son of Sparda; that hasn’t changed.  And, hell, the first game’s big bad, Mundus, has been re-imagined for good measure.

Now, Dante’s own brother and (initially) arch nemesis Vergil has returned.  Flipping the script on his dreams of world domination from Devil May Cry 3, however, the DmC universe paints Vergil as an underground hero, controlling the anti-demon organization called The Order.  Are things really that simple, though?  Knowing Ninja Theory and judging from the dual-world nature of their reboot…Hell no.

Watch the new trailer featuring the debut of DmC's Vergil.

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