Marvel vs Capcom Origins Dated for the Tail End of September

The original Marvel vs Capcom and its predecessor Marvel Super Heroes are being duct taped together, coated in HD, and injected with a bevy of features for their downloadble re-release this September.  Arriving on Sept. 25th on PSN and Sept. 26th for Xbox Live Arcade, the Origins set can be yours for $14.99 or 1200 Microsoft Monopoly dollars.

Added features across both titles include graphical filters, a spectator mode, in-game challenges, and unlockables…But chances are, if you’re the kind of fighting enthusiast that can tell the difference between Hori and Sanwa parts while blindfolded and relishes in the plastic cacophony of furious button mashing, you’re probably waiting to hear one thing: Yes, GGPO-netcode has been integrated into these arcade alumni.  Happy fightin’, folks.

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