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Fable Heroes Reveals Itself as a Co-op Spin-Off to the RPG Hit

A listing has cropped up on Xbox’s site for an XBLA branch off of Lionhead’s Microsoft exclusive RPG series, Fable.  Far removed from the adventure RPG elements that make up the backbone of the core games, however, Fable Heroes teams up to four players in a co-op hack n’ slasher that has you tangling against Albion’s miscreants and monsters.

Collecting as many coins as possible in the game serves you well by allowing you to upgrade your character, buy new ones, waste coin on items, and even unlock special items for the Kinect-frenzied sequel to the main series, Fable: The Journey.  Unlike a lot of gamers, I’m all for publishers dipping their properties in new genres.  But I sort of already bought Castle Crashers.  In lieu of a sequel to that downloadable classic, I suppose a Lionhead backed brawler doesn’t sound quite so bad at all so long as they maintain the humor and style of Heroes' bigger brothers.

Stay posted for more info as Microsoft sheds some light on Fable Heroes.