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by Dmitriy Prozorov


by Dmitriy Prozorov


Mortal Kombat Designs by Gleb Sinyutkin / Website

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I present to you the greatest affront you can possibly commit in the fighting game community: The Babality.

"When you baby Kabal? That’s just straight up disrespect.

Behold. The greatest thing I’ve ever blogged.

Brutality at its Finest in These Mortal Kombat X Screens

Is it strange that, after the torrential downpour of E3 gaming announcements, that my most anticipated title is this bloodsoaked slobberknocker? I’m gonna answer my own question and say, “No, only lunatics would find that strange. Didn’t you see Sub-Zero break that dude’s spine through an open chest cavity?!”

It’s moments like that that remind me what makes video games so special in the first place.

+ by Sadece Kaan

by Sadece Kaan

Here’s a Bunch of Mortal Kombat X Gameplay Hosted by Ed Boon!

The tenth Mortal Kombat (which is pronounced “Mortal Kombat Ecks" because, hey, different) carved out a bloody chunk of attention at E3 with its gameplay debut. The game looks phenomenal. It builds on the MK9's sensibilities while incorporating cool features expanded in NetherRealm's other baby, Injustice.

Series ko-kreator Ed Boon presents a fantastically gruesome demo reel featuring old and new characters beating each other senseless. Some juicy details let loose as well, including:

  • MKX is a direct sequel to 2011’s reboot. Amazingly, its story spans a 25 year cycle.
  • Determined not to simply reskin the last game, MKX introduces a significant amount of new characters. One surprise shown: Cassie Cage, the daughter of Sonya Blade and Johnny Cage who owns a move-set comprised of both characters’ disciplines.
  • Each character has three different combat variations to choose from at the select menu; you’ll gain access to combos and abilities exclusive to each variation.

The Mortal Kombat games have hit a stride like never before, combining its iconic characters and signature bloodshed with stone-solid mechanics. MKX seems dead set on upping the insanity and enjoyment tenfold. I need to get my hands on this.

Who’s next?

Mortal Kombat X promotional art featuring everyone’s favorite ninja spectre, Hanzo Hasashi, aka Scorpion.

Toasty! NetherRealm Announces Mortal Kombat X!

After weeks of teasing from series ko-kreator, Ed Boon, and an indirect leak from a Sutherland of all places, today brings us the official reveal of Mortal Kombat X.

While targeted consoles haven’t been named, the tag to go along with the trailer states the sequel is “fueled by next-gen technology” to ”create an unprecedented Kombat experience” (To clear up any confusion, they meant to put “kreate”).

In a raw display of brutality and power between franchise poster-ninjas, Sub-Zero and Scorpion, the trailer shows off features heralded into 2011’s superb reboot including the bone-breaking X-Ray attacks.

More environmental destruction (a la Injustice) is seen, where opponents can be smashed about stages as well as break off pieces of a level, like a tree branch, and wielded as cudgels. Personal weapons — first introduced in MK4 — seemingly make a return.

Mortal Kombat X is slated for 2015. Say it with me now: IT HAS BEGUN.

+ Scorpion
By Peter Csányi


By Peter Csányi

Did Keifer Sutherland Just Konfirm a New Mortal Kombat?

Hollywood actor Keifer Sutherland, Son of Donald, famous for such films as Young Guns and Young Guns II — and nothing else… I SAID NOTHING ELSE — let slip that production on a brand new Mortal Kombat game may be well underway.

Equipped with the stunning ability to convey pretend emotion better than you convey actual emotion, Keifer is no stranger to video game voice work, having already laid down his signature gruff vocals for 2008’s Call of Duty: World at War.

More recently, he’s taken over the role of Big Boss (aka Naked Snake, aka Punished Snake, aka Faintly Reminiscent of Snake Plisken Snake) in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. In discussing his latest gaming gig with IGN, Keifer nonchalantly mentions his involvement in a new Mortal Kombat.

"I did Mortal Kombat, and that’s such a huge game, but it’s so not like [MGSV],” said the Son of Donald. The Mirrors star also said working on MK was a breeze compared to over a year of effort on The Phantom Pain (as well as its prelude Ground Zeroes).

Warner Bros. and NetherRealm were unavailable for comment — did you expect anything less? The general assumption was that NetherRealm would return to their brutally beautiful fighter given the positive reception 2010’s Mortal Kombat reboot garnered. Whether its next-gen, cross-gen, or even a direct followup — remember, the series is prone to more spin-off’s than fucking CSI — is up in the air.

What’s series co-creator, er, “ko-kreator” Ed Boon got to say on the matter?

That’s better than a konfirmation.


Sub-Zero & Scorpion | Mortal Combat —
By Rob Duenas of San Diego, CA, United States
(via @GeeksNGamers)

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