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"We Turned to Hope, But She Had Fled…"

Though clocking in at only a minute, this is by far my favorite Resident Evil 6 trailer to date.  Underlined by a simple piano score and narrated to chilling effect, this spot strikes the right nerve, punctuated by this title’s mantra: “No Hope Left.”  Our heroes’ fears have been realized, and what began as a bizarre incident in a small mountainous town has now become devastatingly global.

Jesus Shit, I can’t wait to play this fucking game.

Is it the End of All Things or Just Resident Evil 6?

At first glance, I would’ve figured these “tags” were the work of an artistic doomsdayer being a total humanitarian and offering us a cryptic warning of a not-so-optimistic future.

But like with all things in life, my first guess should’ve been Resident Evil.

The prospect of Resident Evil 6 has been popping up in all sorts of unlikely places, most rumors snowballing and gaining momentum after fan interest was piqued at the supposed TGS reveal that didn’t happen last year.  From voice actors attesting to the game’s existence to false alarms like the initial Last of Us teaser sent before the VGA’s actually being RE6, I’ve been hesitant to cling to any such reports.

Yet Capcom seems to have been caught red handed.

An intrepid sleuth decided to contact Primesight, the advertising company responsible for the billboard above, after locating a “tag” (which, after closer inspection, turned out to be a print) in London.  Capcom refused to comment on the appearance of the “No Hope Left” tags, but Primesight was more forthcoming and admitted their client was none other than the Japanese game publisher themselves.

I love me some viral marketing, and I love me some Resident Evil even more.  Operation Raccoon City received a spot of the viral but not on such an (appropriately) widespread scale.  There’s even a collection of the ominous tags along with believably unsettling videos to be seen at

What’s more, the viral campaign keeps pointing at a singular date: 1/19/12.  Be sure to hear more on this tomorrow, folks.